Osama Tape

Osama bin Hidin meldet sich mal wieder, und ist immer noch für den ein oder anderen Witz in Internetforen gut.

//\/\/: new osama tape about to be released according to reports. warning of new attacks in the u.s. hopefully this is more terror-tweaking than prophecy. after all, it’s not exactly his thing to warn people beforehand…

Jason Roth: All al-qaida tapes warn of attacks. No surprise there.

Eikman: osa…who?

Jason Roth: Seriously, it’s been forever since his last release. I almost forgot he was still producing. Wonder if his style has changed at all?

Drixx: I used to listen to him, when he was still underground..

Sarcasmo: He still is…way way underground.

Dirty Canuck: Entitled „Al-Queda Gone Wild“, it’s supposed to be the biggest party video of the year. And if you haven’t heard, Al-Queda parties are off the hook……

//\/\/: i guess whether he’s dead or not is besides the point these days; in fact if he is dead, then he’s probably been well disposed-of – the uncertainty is far more capable of spooking the world…

Cacophony: well said.

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