Numark iDJ

Numark iDJ

Teuer, nutzlos (kein Pitch Control?!), überflüssig (wieso nicht einfach einen alten Laptop nehmen?). Wieder eine Ausgeburt des nicht enden wollenden Ipod-Wahns.

Die Krönung: Turntable spindle receptacle enables placement of the iDJ on a turntable.


  1. coi.coi

    Four Tet macht uns das auch ganz gut vor, wie das geht mit zwei laptops mischen. Zwar mit seinen drumlines und samples, aber was man da für sotfware laufen hat ist im prinzip egal. Einfaches auflegen, geht auf jedenfall auch.

    das bild sehen wir hier:

    I’ve got two laptops for live use. They each run different programs, and I’ve got a Pioneer DJM600 DJ mixer, which has got a sampler on it as well, and effects and things. On one of the computers I run Audiomulch. I use that to run a lot of the drum sequences, but the thing about Audiomulch is that you can set up any sort of studio situation you want, so I might have a channel running and it’s got like a programmed drum sequence from one of my tracks, but it’s going into a mixer, and also running through a couple of granulators, and stuff like that, and I’ve got faders on them so I can bring in all these mad glitchy sounds.

    “On the other computer I just run two or three instances of Cool Edit. You can play Cool Edit a bit like a musical instrument if you put it on a loop setting — you can grab little bits of the file and loop them, so all the melodies and main parts from the album I just have on loops, and I can kind of play them. Stuff can be going in time and I can be manipulating it with one computer, and then I can play all the noises and melodies over the top. No two shows are ever remotely the same, they’re all totally different, and sometimes even I’m completely surprised at what ends up coming out. I’ve got the sampler on the mixer, and if something good’s going on, I can take a sample of it and keep it looping and then start doing other variations at the same time. So, effectively I’ve got three things going on at the same time, all with different possibilities.

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