Neues Radiohead Album

Gerade gestern als mein halb-defektes Autoradio meine alte Radiohead Kassette gefressen hat, habe ich mich gefragt ob es denn bald mal neues Material gibt. Spekulationen über eine angebliche Trennung hin oder her, heute gibt es erfreuliche Nachrichten von Pitchfork:

Radiohead Begin Work on Their Seventh LP

Ryan Schreiber reports:
After two years away from the studio, Radiohead have begun working on new music again, planting the seeds of what will likely become the follow-up to 2003’s Hail to the Thief. A cryptic message from frontman Thom Yorke, posted earlier this month to the band’s official webboard, suggested that this may be the case, however vaguely, reading, „hey weve started work. (speaking of cookies) no really.“ Now there’s confirmation from guitarist Jonny Greenwood to back up the gibberish.

„Everything starts with songs, and with Thom, and with the excitement you can get in the band when you hear new music, and you know you’ve got the chance to watch it mutate and change,“ Greenwood told NME. „There’s nothing like that, nothing as exciting. We’re rehearsing at the moment, and again it’s fun. We all want to push forward, and when you have five people who are all like that, you couldn’t ask for a better thing.“

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