Magdas Laptop in Erfurt geklaut

Da fragt man sich schon, was für Vollidioten das sind, die in einen Club gehen, um dann dem DJ sein Equipment zu klauen. Erst letzten Monat hat in New York jemand die externe Festplatte von Matthew Dear gestohlen, und zwar während des Sets, was natürlich gleich doppelt dreist ist, und jetzt hat es offensichtlich Magdas Laptop in Erfurt erwischt. Sehr uncool.

On Saturday night, my laptop bag was stolen from Centrum Club in Erfurt. We as djs and artists dedicate our entire energy and spirit to what we do. We work very hard to present music in our own special way. There is no better feeling than knowing that you and the people on the dancefloor are completely connected and knowing that we can share that feeling of excitement from hearing a new special track. In the end, we are not there to play for ourselves but for the people who support us and our music. I am deeply sad and disappointed to know that something like this could happen, especially in the dj booth, the one place where things should be safe. I feel like I have been stripped of the one thing that is closest to my heart. We are all in this together and we must respect each other, otherwise there is no point.

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