How To Start A Post-Rock Band

Sicherlich mit das Beste was ich in letzter Zeit gelesen habe: Bygones Bureaus‘ nicht ganz ernst gemeinte Anleitung zur erfolgreichen Gründung einer Post-Rock Band. Absolut brilliant! Auszug gefällig?

# If you are capable, grow a thick, natty beard. If you are incapable, purchase a can of Rogaine and apply vigorously until you grow a thick, natty beard.

# If you sing, it should be about the corruption of the government and how true love can blind one to the ocean of cruelty that surrounds us all.

# Name your album. The name should be an unwieldy sentence with creative capitalization and punctuation. For example: she stood silhouetted by the Blue Light of the Waning moon and looked skyward, appreciating wholly the ephemeral Nature of this Particular Experience (before succumbing to the vast River of mundane Thought that Characterized the Totality of Her Existence).

# If any song clocks in at less than ten minutes, you are an abomination and will be laughed at by the entire staff of Temporary Residence Records. Which will be humiliating.

Wo wir gerade dabei sind…was machen diese Herrschaften eigentlich momentan?

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