Beatcast #11: *Aid* – With White Rods Beating Bounds

Admittedly, it’s been a while, but here we are: the eleventh edition of our Beatcast! After a previous mix by Flashfonic, we once again dive right into Münster’s nightlife, this time with David Jahn aka *aid*. David is the host of several parties in Münster, including Kombinat (along with Flashfonic), Elektrikfieber (with Raffa) and Perpetuum Mobile, which probably makes him one of the busiest men in the city’s small but growing electronic music scene. And once you listen to the laid back and yet constantly evolving mix he provided for us, you’ll probably know why.

# Download (Mirror)


Move D – Just House
Petre Inspirescu – Evar
Villalobos – Fitzpatrick
Petre Inspirescu – Evar
Ringeisen & Juanito – Black Rain
Venedikt Reyf – Heroes
Christian Burckhardt – Boomerang
Frivolous – C:\ My Consciousness
Starbug – Wahuu (N. Berovic Rmx)
Nicolas Jaar – Mi Mujer
Maik Loewen – Picnic
Unknown – Brother (2009 Edit)
Nicole – She wears the pants
Kai Sand – Too Funghi
Freda Volta – Tiramisu
Dinky – Burdelia
Bastian Schuster – Bell Bala

Three questions with *aid*

Tell us a bit about yourself. Do you dj regularly or just for fun?

Uhhh, about myself: I was born and fell in love with musique!!!

I dj regularly just for fun. Seriously, I am lucky to be able to dj regularly around four dates a month in Münster (thanks to Raffa). It started about 3 years ago and quickly became essential for me. I really love it. Playing no instrument while being a total music addict, djing is a way to be a little more than ‚just‘ a consumer of music. I’m still working with Vinyl (and less CD), but I understand the reasons for using a laptop. Besides djing I tinker with music production; it’s fun but never sounds the way I wish. Years ago I started a small record label project called “The Cul-De-Sac Komitee”. No Techno/House. We released four vinyls and some CD records but at the moment it has drifted off a bit (less money, less time). But we will continue.

How would you describe your musical influences?

I started listening to Indie/Alternativ as a teenager and ended up quite late on electronic music beginning with TripHop (DJ Shadow) and I never thought that one day (or night) I would be listening to Techno and House. However, at one point I recognized that this is the ultimate music for the night(life) (around 2004/2005). Before that I listened to a lot of end 70s/80s Post Punk stuff (Wave, NoWave) and Post-Rock. All in all I simply enjoy music and I love the fact that music always offers something new.
I’m very careful about saying that I don’t like a certain kind of music as by now I’m listening to a lot of different stuff. I think most styles of music offer something interesting and are worth listening to. Jazz, Klassik, Noise, Hip Hop, Folk … there’s always something exciting to find.

I love minimalistic structures. May it be in real ‚Minimal‘ of the 60s/70s or the minimal sound of postpunk like ESG. I like the reduction, the point where single sounds become important and small changes are significant. I like the effect of repetition and long build ups. One might say I like the relation of music/sound and time and with Techno and House it’s the same: hypnotic atmospheres and strong grooves. I love Jens Zimmermann (production and dj-wise), Villalobos, Christian Burckhardt…But when djing I also enjoy uplifting house and pushing techno elements as well as the impact of melodies and well placed chords. It’s all a question of composition. I don’t like it too close-packed.

What is your mix about?

I try to regularly record mixes, mainly to promote a monthly party I organise in Münster at the Hot Jazz Club. This one was recorded in February from Vinyl with only two tracks from CD. It’s a selection of more or less actual stuff I love und play. In a way it’s my ‚idealistic‘ view of a sonic journey through a night. Starting low, creating an atmosphere and groove, then slowly but surely building up as long as possible; introducing some explosions – energy or emotional wise – holding the groove and tension, some breathing, some highlights… (I like the more wavelike way) and at one point start fading out the night = fade in the day in a way that the sound never has to end.


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