Beatcast #10: Nguòi Dúc – Alabama Without a Conga

For the tenth edition of our humble Beatcast, we are happy to introduce Berlin-based Jonathan Nguyen, also known as Nguòi Dúc. He runs a little blog called Tiefhaus on which he occasionally posts mixes by himself, and when he’s not mixing, he produces tracks that reflect his dedication to Funk, New Jazz and Brazilian music. But of course, he also likes house grooves, and for our Beatcast, he takes us on a ride to the funkier side of house. Just what the doctor ordered as winter approaches. If this doesn’t keep you warm, nothing will! ;)

# Download (RS Mirror)


St. Germain – Alabama Blues (Shazz Mix)
Omar S – Congaless
Thomas Brinkmann – Isch (Soulphiction Remix)
Block 16 – Morning Sun (Pépé Bradock’s Brad Deep Mix)
Ethyl & Huxley – Catch Up
Hanna – Sometimes
Microstar – Mono
Lomez & Ivaylo – Cirrus Blues
Shlomi Aber & Kenny Larkin – Sketches (Shlomi Aber Version)
Luv Lux – Waterpark (Kink Daylight Dub)
Patrick Chardronnet – Dropout
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Keep Up

Three questions with Nguoi Dúc

Tell us a bit about yourself. Do you dj regularly or just for fun?

DJing is my hobby. Sometimes friends ask if I can play at their party, but I never had proper gigs. I would like to spin at a club though. I guess I’m just too lazy to really get it going! However, my other passion is producing music. I have a nice home studio. The special thing about it is I don’t use a computer. It’s all hardware synths and drummachines controlled by an AKAI MPC and everything ends in a 24 channel Mackie board. When I need to record I have a digital multitrack. That’s an utterly complicated and uncomfortable way of producing, but I like it. I started with Reason, that was nice, but I wanted loads of boxes and knobs to show off when friends visit. Not that you get me wrong, I like the features of Ableton Live or Logic or whatever! I’m not a conservative analog nerd. Hey, I switched from decks and mixer to Laptop and Serato, so I’m progressive. But making music for me is suffering from restrictions!

How would you describe your musical influences?

My musical influences have their roots in black music. I listen to all kinds of soul, jazz, funk, hip hop. If I had to choose a country to emmigrate to I would probably choose Brazil, cause I love brazilian music! I also like a large variety of electronic music. I’m very versatile concerning my listening habits! When it comes to club music I especially like deep and soulful house. It can be monotonous as long as it has this „groove“ like some kind of ethnic percussion. I’m pretty bored of minimal, but I’m afraid I’m not the only one. At the moment I try to create something like deep groovy downtempo house with sampled beats. Let’s see if I succeed!

What is your mix about?

My mix is basically my definiton of modern club music! I would love to hear that kind of music when I enter a club. I tried to create some sort of trade off between soul and groove, melody and monotony. That’s it!


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