Beatcast #07: Miss Cmy – Time Stretch

Gothenburg might be primarily known for its sheer endless supply of pop and indie acts, but for the seventh edition of our Beatcast, we dipped into the city’s electronic music scene. “I try to put as much energy as I can into it”, Camilla Lindberg answers the question regarding what her own productions are about. As Miss Cmy, the young Swedish DJ released on labels such as Cologne’s Modularfield and Paris based Mad Bros Records. The passionate commitment of hers can also be found in her latest mix, which reveals an impressive span of tasteful picks from lesser-known labels. Starting catchy with more classic dub sounds and building up warm and stripped down, it finds its peak in a short but effective acid house madness, proving perfectly fresh for those upcoming summer nights.

# Download (Mirror)


Cirkel – Cirkel 4.0 (Cirkel)
Korablove – 100 Jahre Einsamkeit (Pro-tez)
John Dalagelis – Asio (Original) (Dieb Audio)
Lexy – Psychoduck – 38db (Tonsportgruppe)
Adam Marshall – MBF Flex (Cynosure)
Paul Ritch – Split The Line (Dubfire Rmx) (Quartz Music)
Dave Angel – Dogspray (Mark Broom Rmx) (Jericho)
Gonno – Desolation (Merkur Schallplatten)
Tim Sheridan And King Roc – Ghosts That Live In Her (Very Very Wrong Indeed)

Three questions with Miss Cmy:

Where are you coming from and when did you start DJing?

I started with some sporadic Djing around summer 2007 when I lived in Amsterdam. But it was only with CDs and without proper mixing. Back in Sweden, I learned how to mix vinyls and shortly upon I got my first gig in winter 2008. Afterwards, I found myself playing almost every week in local bars & restaurants here in Gothenburg. Once a month I played on a boat with a group of DJs called the Docks. That brought me to other cities in Sweden and, at last, to Berlin. Right now I am and have been a resident in different places here in my home city, and I’m also involved in a techno collective called Technoforia which focuses on all kinds of Techno, everything from Detroit, Minimal, Acid to hard-style Techno. But after all, it’s a small scene over here and there are not many places supporting this particular kind of music.

How would you describe your musical origins and influences?

My influences come mostly from new wave punk from the 80’s and some indie bands. I was totally a pop music nerd during middle/high school time. I can also really enjoy jazz and rock music. I love going to jazz clubs and just get the energy from the people playing. So luckily my influences are quite widely spread. Actually, I found my love for electronic music pretty late. I was around 20. The inspiration for producing my own tracks I draw only partly from playing out in clubs. I don’t listen to all that much club music at home, I need something else to get the energy – or at least I need both. When it comes to electronic music it’s often quite low tempo beat, experimental, dub or film-music.

My favorite among all my influences, to name a few, are: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sonic Youth, Suicide, John Carpenter (the movie director!), Richard Hell & the Voidoids, Half Japanese, My Bloody Valentine, Velvet Underground, Jesus and Mary Chain, Daft Punk, Underground Resistance, Jeff Mills, Depeche Mode, Aphex Twin. I’m also really into french singers.

What is your mix about?

To find the deepness and greatness in yourself and to be able to develop it in concrete action. It’s about focusing on the parts that you love the most and can’t live without.

Artwork by Lisa Wigren, Gothenburg


  1. Eikman

    Really enjoying this one, well done! A nice track selection, not too cluttered with too many tracks, and yet enough diversity to provide a nice ride. Another reason to make a trip to Sweden! :)

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