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5. Nov 2006


#idm Chatlog

Einen Internetklassiker neu entdeckt: Das legendäre ‘IDM Chatlog‘, in dem so ziemlich alles was in den letzten 10 Jahren Rang und Namen im IDM/Elektronikbereich hat (und hatte) durch den Kakao gezogen wird.

Orbit man, I can’t believe you did that, you are such a sellout
am I going MAD or did the crystal method just call someone ELSE


18. May 2006



[21:04] < king_of_snake> dutch railways ftl
[21:04] < king_of_snake> 1 1/2 hours later i was actually futher away from home than when i started
[21:07] < raz> what happened with the train?
[21:08] < lloyd> left the handbrake off and ran downhill
[21:09] < raz> what hill
[21:09] < lloyd> good question
[21:09] < lloyd> there are no hills in holland!
[21:09] < eikman> otherwise it would be called hilland
[21:09] * eikman ducks
[21:10] < raz> oh …


20. Jan 2006


Osama Tape

Osama bin Hidin meldet sich mal wieder, und ist immer noch für den ein oder anderen Witz in Internetforen gut.

//\/\/: new osama tape about to be released according to reports. warning of new attacks in the u.s. hopefully this is more terror-tweaking than prophecy. after all, it’s not exactly his thing to warn people beforehand…

Jason Roth: All …