3. July 2008, 16:54


Transmission und Wild in the Country abgesagt!

Irgendwie scheinen Festivals dieses Jahr unter keinem guten Stern zu stehen, oder manche Organisatoren gehen einfach zu optimistisch an die Sache heran: Gleich zwei Festivals, einmal das Transmission in Kufstein/AU und Wild in the Country in England, wurden heute, und zwar genau zwei, ich wiederhole: zwei, Tage bevor sie steigen sollten abgesagt, was bei einigen Leuten, die viel Geld für Flüge und Unterkünfte ausgegeben haben und diese so kurzfristig sicherlich nicht erstattet bekommen, völlig zu Recht für Unmut sorgt.
Die Begründung bei beiden Festivals: zu wenig verkaufte Karten. Ob die Veranstalter wirklich so blauäugig, sind und noch innerhalb der letzten zwei, drei Wochen auf die große Kartenexplosion hoffen, oder ob die Locations einfach zu schlecht gewählt sind (das sind andere aber auch) sei dahingestellt. Ein Festival so kurzfristig abzusagen ist einfach ein Unding und zeugt meiner Meinung nach von schlechter Organisation und mangelnden Business-Verständnis, da man sicherlich schon früher als zwei Tage vor Beginn weiß, ob man mit schwarzen Zahlen aus der Sache herauskommt. Selbst wenn Björk kurzfristig ihren Auftritt absagen muss (wie im Fall von WITC). Hoffen wir, dass das Melt! auch dieses Jahr stattfindet, dort werde ich nämlich wieder sein.

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  1. Niamh Burkeneff

    Dear ‘Eikman’

    Should you have any questions regarding the organization behind the Transmission Festival, then please feel free to contact me directly with your concerns instead of hiding anonymously behind a blog and posting a comment that can only be described as sloppy journalism.

    Surely you know that the first principle of journalism is research. Clearly you are not aware of this concept, for if you were, you would have looked for the facts before posting such rubbish!

    I cannot comment on the ‘Wild in the Country’ festival being cancelled, but the cancellation of Transmission has absolutely nothing to do with the reasons you cited. Yes, the pre sales were not as expected, but there were alot more factors that lead to the decision to cancel.

    Also, for your information, I personally replied to every single email we received from the public all over Europe last week, and even though the festival was cancelled, they still came and made a holiday over the weekend. I spent the festival weekend going to the exhibitions, films and music seminars with them and speaking with them, and I seriously doubt that you will find many people who are as disgruntled as you imply.

    So, in closing, I invite you to contact me on the above email address and we can take it from there.

    Kind regards

    Niamh Burkeneff

    Festival Director, Transmission Festival ’08

  2. Eikman

    a) This site is not anonymous, there is a proper name in the imprint section, which you can easily access via the menu bar on top of the page.

    b) This is a blog, not a newspaper. It doesn’t have to be based on research, but it merely states subjective opinions. That’s what blogs do. That’s why I said “zeugt meiner Meinung nach” (according to MY opinion).
    Still, the sources I found said the cancellation was due to low ticketsales, and since this is obviously one of the reasons, my statement is not wrong per se.

    I’m sorry that the festival couldn’t take place, because, quite frankly, I thought the line-up was excellent, and I’m glad you responded to the people and the inquiries, and i’m also happy to hear that many of them had a nice time nonetheless. This doesn’t change the fact, however, that I’d be pissed if this is announced two days before the festival. Again: my opinion, entirely subjective.



  3. karsten

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