16. October 2006, 01:33


Robert Henke vs Filesharing

Im Forum von Ableton spricht sich Robert Henke alias Monolake über illegales Filesharing aus, nachdem das Layering Buddha Album in Soulseek aufgetaucht ist. Hier die Stellungnahme in Form eines offenen Briefes:

Berlin, October 13, 2006

Our new release “Layering Buddha” has been put on soulseek already,
encoded by two different users (protox2 aka Maurizio and tipsch), more than three weeks prior to release date.
Less than one hundred music journalists got a copy of the finished product at this time. We are a very small label. We do promotion with nice and expensive finished products. We send out promo copies to everyone who asks for it.
We are embarrassed, frustrated and annoyed by the fact that two of you worked so massively against us. We at imbalance do not think DRM is the way to go and we believe in our customers as being honest and supportive. But:

This case changes the way we will do promotion in the future.

We will either give away CDRs with tagged versions for each individual journalist and we will only do so if we have a guaranteed review, or we will send out CDRs with excerpts. In the case of the tagged CDs we will be able to trace it back if the music appears online and we guarantee we will take every possible legal action against this person. This is sad for those of you who did a great job of supporting us for the last ten years, but we do not want this experience again.

Robert Henke
monolake / imbalance computer music

Wie ich schon Anfang des Jahres im Fall des Ellen Allien/Apparat Albums geschrieben habe, ist es inzwischen schwer sich als Musiker und Label vor den Promokopierern zu schützen, vor allem da es unter den sogenannten Journalisten genug schwarze Schafe gibt. Man könnte eigentlich denken, dass sich das inzwischen bis nach Berlin durchgesprochen hat, und wer Promos an jeden verschickt der danach fragt braucht sich im Endeffekt nicht zu wundern, auch wenn es natürlich schade (für den/die Betroffenen) ist.