28. January 2008, 15:50


Karlheinz Stockhausen über Richie Hawtin

In einem Interview des ‘The Wire’ aus dem Jahre 1995 äußert sich Karlheinz Stockhausen über mehrere Tapes, die ihm im Vorfeld zugesendet wurden. Neben Stücken von Aphex Twin kommentiert er recht zynisch auch Tracks von Richie Hawtin. Dreizehn Jahre später scheint Hawtin zumindest kompositorisch nicht viel dazugelernt zu haben…

And the other composer – musician, I don’t know if they call themselves composers…

[The Wire]
They’re sometimes called ‘sound artists’…

No, ‘Technocrats’, you called them. He’s called Plasticman, and in public, Richie Hawtin. It starts with 30 or 40 – I don’t know, I haven’t counted them – fifths in parallel, always the same perfect fifths, you see, changing from one to the next, and then comes in hundreds of repetitions of one small section of an African rhythm: duh-duh-dum, etc, and I think it would be helpful if he listened to Cycle for percussion, which is only a 15 minute long piece of mine for a percussionist, but there he will have a hell to understand the rhythms, and I think he will get a taste for very interesting non-metric and non-periodic rhythms. I know that he wants to have a special effect in dancing bars, or wherever it is, on the public who like to dream away with such repetitions, but he should be very careful, because the public will sell him out immediately for something else, if a new kind of musical drug is on the market. So he should be very careful and separate as soon as possible from the belief in this kind of public.