2. June 2006, 11:30


Hefty Flossed Out

Großartiger IDM/Hip Hop Mashup-Mix von Hefty Records DJ edIT.

“Recalibrate your ears… You’ll never hear the Hefty catalog quite the same. We asked one of our favorite DJs, edIT from Los Angeles, to create a mash-up mix blending instrumentals from the Hefty catalog with familiar hip hop cuts. It’s Mike Jones vs. Savath & Savalas, Missy Elliot vs. John Hughes, E-40 vs. Eliot Lipp, T-Pain vs. Telefon Tel Aviv, Busta Rhymes vs. Some Water and Sun, etc. You get the idea, now download it FREE (nearly 40 minute mix). Also available in Podcast form.”

Hefty! – Flossed Out Mix

[via de:bug / disconizeme]