2. July 2006, 14:19


Amon Tobin Update

Wie Amon Tobin in seinem Myspace Blog schreibt, ist er gerade damit beschäftigt Field Recordings für sein nächstes Album, dem Nachfolger des Soundtracks zum Videospiel Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory, aufzunehmen. Der passende Trailer dazu sowie einige Fotos von den Aufnahmesessions im Blog machen jedenfalls Lust auf mehr.

for the past eight months I’ve been collecting field recordings for work on a new album. it’s the first time I’ve ever done this. the process is completely at odds with how I normally do things (strictly from vinyl) and involves machines and animals as well as people, none of which I can claim to fully understand.

every recording from ants walking on tinfoil to string quartet was treated objectively as a building block to be put together later. animals were encouraged to be musical and musicians convinced to abandon years of practice and discipline and perhaps play their instrument with a sword.