5. November 2007, 15:03


Vier Tote bei Carl Cox Gig

Bei einer Clubnacht mit Carl Cox in Caracas, Venezuela gestern kam es zu einer Schießerei im Publikum, bei der vier Leute ums Leben kamen. Video und Bericht dazu gibt es bei Dailyswarm (oder per Google News). Hier der Augenzeugenbericht eines anwesenden Vjs:

Last night, 15 meter from me when Carl Cox started his show and 10 minutes into it some one started to shot every one. I sounded like firecrackers, so fast I didn’t think was a gun. Everybody started to run like crazy.

I was in the main, doing my visuals and filming the show. I just grabbed the camera and started to film everything what was going on.

3 dead body’s on the floor, a young guy, a woman and a man. The husband of the woman was shot as well in the leg. Several others people as well but they managed to run.